Travel Advisors

Carol Amidon
(617) 332-2296
Specialties: Leisure Travel & Luxury Destinations

Bruce Berger
(781) 247-4100
Specialties: Golf Trips, Corporate Travel & Luxury Destinations

Glenn Bornstein
(781) 247-4150
Specialties: Business development, Corporate Travel & Luxury Destinations

Harvey Bornstein
(781) 247-4104
Specialties: Cruises & Tours to All Destinations

Jenny Bolio
(781) 247-4075

Dorothy Brooks
(781) 444-0303

Sheila Carita
Specialties: Europe, Ireland, Cruises, Hawaii & Caribbean

Deb Carr
(781) 449-6864
Specialties: Corporate Travel; Europe, Hawaii, Caribbean and Cruises

Rhoda Farley
(781) 247-4113
Specialties: Corporate Travel

Joy Gardiner
(781) 449-6861
Specialties: Las Vegas and Aruba

John Garvey
(781) 247-4106
Commissions Receivable Department

Sayre Gorodetsky
(781) 247-4115
Specialties: Caribbean, Mexico, Cruises & Las Vegas

Monica Joffe
Specialties: Africa, Europe & Caribbean

Raquel Katz
(781) 247-4112
Specialties: Corporate Travel, Hawaii

Jen Kruger
(781) 247-4105
Specialties: Corporate Travel

Irene Maravelias

Lucille Minutoli-Noel
(781) 247-4110
Specialties: France, Italy, Tahiti and River Cruising

Shari Shocket
(617) 921-7802
Specialties: Leisure Travel, Luxury Destinations

Debbie Smith

Becky Strout
(781) 247-4103
Specialties: Corporate Travel

Julie Tache
(781) 247-4127
Specialties: Corporate Travel, Hawaii, Disney, Group/Meeting Travel

Laura Zide
(781) 247-4108
Specialties: Sandals/Beaches Resorts, Caribbean, Mexico, Disney and cruises

Bill Zellen
Specialties: Ski Vacations, Cruises, Europe

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At Cleveland Circle Travel, agency staff serve as more than just reservation agents, they are seasoned travel consultants with an average 15 years of travel planning experience. CCT's agents possess destination specialties that cover almost every corner of the world. Circle the globe with Cleveland Circle. We work for YOU!

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